Time flies so fast!!!  I can't believe my last summer break as a student is coming to an end that quickly.  I spent half of my summer in Taiwan to take care of my thyroid and wisdom teeth.  Unlike any other breaks that I had in Taiwan previously, Mr. H was there with me for about a month.  Even though he may not be in Taipei all the time, he managed to visit me about once a week.  During his visit in Taipei, we took care of personal matters that involved both sides of the families.  Fortunately, everything is finally making its progress to a consensus (I hope).  I appreciate his effort and patience in everything.  I believe the best way to express my appreciation is to bring more happiness to his life and be there for him.

Here is an update about my job.  I'll be moving to Sugar Land (near Houston) for my first teaching job.  I would like to thank my friends for the encouragements I received.  New employee orientation starts on 8/10 and I should get there around 8/3 to look for apartment and familiarize myself with the new environment.  Hopefully I will be able to handle everything smoothly.  Wish me luck! 

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